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Engine Repair

Hendersonville Muffler can handle all of your engine repair and replacement needs

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Hendersonville Muffler has brake specials that make us the most reasonable place in Sumner County for quality brake repairs

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Don't get caught having some young "pimple faced kid" doing your maintenance.

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Hendersonville Muffler

Full Service Auto Repair, Towing, Custom Exhaust, And A Whole Lot More!"


Hendersonville Muffler Repair is one of the most respected automotive repair shops in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Hendersonville Muffler has earned a great name in auto repairs one repair at a time. We do a lot more than replace mufflers. We are a full service auto repair shop. We have been repairing cars and light trucks in the Hendersonville, Tennessee and Hendersonville, Tennessee area for years.

We built our business by giving great service and standing behind our work. We have a perfect record with the BBB and you will not find anyone who will tell you bad things about their experiences with our auto repairs.

Though we got our name for custom exhaust systems, we are truly a full service automotive repair facility. We have one of the most extensive collections of tools and equipment in Hendersonville to repair your car or truck and we have ASE master technicians to make sure that the repairs are done correctly. We do our repairs the old fashioned way. We listen to our customers. We talk to them and ask them questions to make sure that we understand what their problems and complaints are. We check the vehicle thoroughly and we give our clients the best possible estimates and we properly repair the vehicle and stand behind our work. This old fashioned approach to auto repairs has worked well for us and we have a lot of dedicated customers who bring all of their repairs to us because of it. I try to treat all of our customers as if they work really hard for their money because most of them do. I have always found that if you treat customers with respect and explain to them exactly what they are getting for their hard earned money then you can EARN their trust.

I am an ASE master Automotive Technician. I formally studied automotive repair. I know a lot of good technicians here in Tennessee, (and all over the world) who learned auto mechanics on their own. That is just not the path that I chose. I chose to go to school and get formal training because I feel that if customers are going to trust me with the vehicles that they put their loved ones in I want to be as absolutely professional as I can be. I have over 38 years experience, a college degree in Automotive Repair, and over 30 years as an ASE Certified Master Technician. I still take a few courses a year and so do the other technicians in our shop. As technology changes, (which is constantly) good technicians need to embrace the new technologies.

With modern cars and trucks comes more complexity. Complex, modern cars and trucks aren't really complex to us. These are the vehicles that our customers are driving. I love the simple carbureted cars that I grew up with but I also love the fuel injected, air conditioned, ABS brake equipped modern cars and trucks that I drive today. Many people say, "they don't build them like they used to". I agree but when I was young a car or truck with 100,000 miles was worn out. Nowadays I see vehicles with 300,000 or more that are still in great shape.

Our customers here in Hendersonville seem to like the modern conveniences in their cars as well as I do. We are one of the only automotive repair shops in Hendersonville, Tennessee that rebuilds and repairs carburetors. I love these old cars and we get tons of them. As I said before though a lot of our customers love their modern conveniences and we are the best automotive repiar shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee to get these modern conveniences cared for. We get the heater core and air conditioner evaporator jobs, the mysterious electrical problems, The ABS light or check engine light will not go out problems, and the other problems that the other shops in Hendersonville don't want to deal with. We get the sensors reading incorrectly repairs. We get the cylinder head repairs and the engine repair and engine replacement jobs that are too large for other shops. We have developed a reputation that we CAN fix it because we DO fix it. Most of these problems usually turn out to be pretty easy for us.

High Performance

High performance repairs are something that we take great pride in here at Hendersonville Muffler. We have a very long history creating and repairing high performance vehicles.

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Tennessee Loves Trucks!

We have Grandmothers driving big 4X4 trucks just so that they can get into their driveways! We see as many trucks in our shop as we do cars. We have experienced technicians who are familiar with what it takes to repair cars and trucks for Hendersonville's hills and hollers.

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