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Brake System Repairs

Automotive Brake Repairs In Hendersonville, Tennessee


Hendersonville Muffler repairs brake systems every day. We have excellent pricing with "brake specials" on disc brakes with a lifetime warranty on the ceramic disc brake pads and a two year warranty on the rotors. My favorite quote from our customers is, "I am not a mechanic but I do my own brakes". You put your family in your car or truck. Brakes aren't optional equipment in vehicles they are a necessity. You can push a car that doesn't run but you cannot stop a 3,000 pound car if it has no brakes. over 80% of the disc brakes that come into our shop which have been repaired already are not assembled correctly. This percentage goes up even higher for drum brakes. we find almost 90% of the drum brakes that have been previously repaired are not assembled or lubricated correctly.

We see a lot of shops that don't think that the parking brake/ emercency brake is important to the vehicle. We live in Hendersonville, Tennessee! The parking pawl in an automatic transmission has a pin the size of a pencil holding it in place. If your car or truck is parked on a hill without the parking brake applied you have several thousand pounds being supported by a pin the size odf a pencil! Picture yourself or your loved ones being run over by your car or truck and suddenly having the parking brake in working condition makes pefect sense. it is really hard to find a level spot here in hendersonville. Almost every inch of Middle Tennessee is a hill or valley.

Many shops here in Middle Tennesse don't flush the brake fluid or use power bleeders when they install new brake master cylinders and even fewer have the knowledge or training to repair anti-lock braking systems. We are able to find the mysterious problems in braking systems cause by brake proportioning valves or other brake components because we have technicians trained to repair the ENTIRE braking system.

Hendersonville Muffler has the latest equipment and certified trained technicians to make sure that your braking system is repaired correctly. We have diagnostic equipment, Alldata and Identifix information systems. We have factory and aftermarket scan tools and diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose and repair your full braking system including the parking brake. (We also repair the electronic parking brakes found in many late model cars and trucks) We repair anti-lock braking systems required by law after 2007 and the old fashioned conventional braking systems found on older cars and trucks. We "bleed" our brakes with the proper power bleeders that the brake manufacturers recommend. We lubricate everything in the braking system to make sure that your brakes will release when you release the pedal which allows the brakes to cool down when you are not using them and greatly extends the brake life. (Most front brakes last about 60-80,000 miles if they are properly installed and lubricated. Most rear brakes last about 90-120,000 miles if they are properly installed and lubricated).

We basically just repair the braking system correctly as the original manufacturer designed them so that you will stop with confidence for thousands of miles. Don't let untrained mechanics repair your brakes. Bring your vehicle to Hendersonville Muffler and have your brakes repaired by trained professionals and most customers find that we also have the most reasonable prices for brake repairs in Hendersonville, Tennessee as well!

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