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We Want To Maintain Your Automotive Fleet!

Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes is one of the most respected automotive repair shops in Hendersonville, Tennessee. We already have fleet accounts because we have a proven track record for quality service. We are truly a full service automotive repair shop. Other shops in the area don't like exhaust repairs. We love exhaust repairs. Other shops in the area don't want to rebuild or replace engines. We love replacing and rebuilding engines. Other shops in the area don't like heater core repairs or air conditioner evaporater repairs when we take them on every day. I get calls from other shops in the area asking if we repair electrical problems. I tell them, "We are the only repair shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee that ACTIVELY ADVERTISES for repairs on electrical problems". Most Fleet Managers don't have a lot of extra time. We are one of the only shops in Middle Tennessee performing carburetor rebuilding and repairs and many of our fleet accounts bring us carburetor repairs on their small engines, boats, and vintage vehicles as well as their fleet vehicles. We repair differentials, (aka. rear ends) and we get differential repairs from all over Tennessee and Kentucky as rebuilding differentials is yet another automotive job that noone seems to want to do. (Most shops just install a used differential or sell you a rebuilt differential which is much higher in price than rebuilding yours).

Do you really want to send your vehicles here for one thing, there for another and keep track of a bunch of different accounts when somehting goes wrong? If we repair your vehicle and something goes wrong the only person you have to speak to is ME. I take full responsibility for everything that goes on in our shop. I am not big on exuses. Our customers aren't big on excuses either. When we do repair work I am looking for great quailty repairs. I am a master ASE Automotive Technician and I am very proufd of what I do.

Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes is Located at the end of Louise Avenue in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Our shop is way back by the railroad tracks. This hidden location would put most shops out of business. The main reason Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes has managed to stay in business is that we FIX cars and trucks while other shops just WORK ON cars and trucks. The second reason is that we have always repaired the cars that other mechanic shops in Hendersonville, Tennessee didn't want to fix. Our customers, (and the other shops in the area), the heater core and air conditioner evaporater jobs, the mysterious electrical problems, The ABS light or check engine light will not go out problems, and the other problems that the other shops in Hendersonville don't want to deal with. We get the sensors reading incorrectly repairs. We get the cylinder head repairs and the engine repair and engine replacement jobs that are too large for other shops. We have developed a reputation that we CAN fix it we DO fix it. Most of these problems usually turn out to be pretty easy for us.

This is how we perform all of our auto repairs: We listen to the client. We verify the problem. We diagnose the problem and fix it. We send the customer out of the shop happy. It's an old fashioned philosophy but we repair our cars one at a time and treat each customer with respect.

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