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Low Priced auto Repairs in Hendersonville, Tennessee


I love the fact that people trust me to repair their cars and trucks here in Hendersonville, Tennessee. To a lot of our clients their car or truck is the most valuable thing that they own. We treat their car or truck just like that. Like it is the most valuable thing that they own and that they value it highly. Even to clients who own much more than just their car or truck their vehicle is usually the tool that they use to support their family. The reason that people trust us with their vehicle repairs in Hendersonville is that WE ARE TRUSTWORTHY!

Part of being trustworthy is not charging your customers outrageous money to repair their vehicles. If people trust you with their car repairs then you should charge them a fair price and only repair what the customers need. I am a proud Christian man who believes that what I do for a living is a great job. I love repairing cars. We see our clients at the grocery store, the movie theater, at local restaurants and bars. We have been here for a long time and I don't know anyone who is upset with the repair services that we have performed.

I can't tell anyone that working on your car is cheap. Most cars today cost over $20,000. Most trucks cost over $50,000. They don't make $50,000 vehicles out of $5.00 parts. I can say that we don't charge list price for our parts. We buy a large volume of parts so we get a better rate on our parts. We make enough to keep our doors open but we never charge list price on our parts. What I can say is that if you properly diagnose cars and not replace unnecessary parts then you can charge your clients a more reasonable price. I have always had the philosophy that all of my customers work really hard for their money. I show each customer EXACTLY what they are getting for their money. I have over 7,000 client's telephone numbers in my cell phone. I feel like these aren't just customers. We consider them to be our friends. I am honored that the people of Hendersonville, Tennessee choose Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes to repair their vehicles, We try to earn their trust one repair at a time. -Joe Spivey

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