Automotive Tune-ups In Hendersonville, Tennessee

Most Modern Cars And Trucks last Over 300,000 Miles If You Take Care of Them!

Lots of people tell me, "they don't build cars like they used to". I agree. When I was young we used to change the oil on a car and adjust the brakes every 3,000 mile. We used to do a, "tune up" which consisted of replacing the points, adjusting the points and the ignition timing, and adjusting the carburetor every 15,000 miles. We used to do a valve job on a car at 50,000 miles and rebuild the engines at 100,000 miles. With modern cars and trucks we do "tune-ups" at almost 100,000 miles! Most owners who want to take care of their cars change their oil at 5,000 miles. There are no more ignition points, (the last cars that I can remeber with points were in the 1970's) or carburetors to adjust. (The last General Motors car sold to the public that had a carburetor was the Caprice Wagon in 1990).

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