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Car And Truck Engine Replacement In Hendersonville, Tennessee


Hendersonville Muffler Company has been replacing engines in cars and trucks here in Hendersonville, Tennessee for many years. The technicians at Hendersonville Muffler Company have been removing and installing engines long before that. Joe Spivey, one of the owners of Hendersonville Muffler Company has been removing and installing engines in cars and trucks for over 38 years. Older cars had just a few wires, a fuel line or maybe 2 fuel lines, a throttle cable, and a couple of heater hoses that needed to be removed to take the engine out of the car. We could change the engine like we were changing clothes. Modern fuel injected, climate controlled cars and trucks with cruise control and the rest of the luxuries that come on all cars and trucks now have quite a few wires, cables, fuel lines, power steering lines, coolant hoses and cables to remove before the engine can be removed from the car.

New Tools And Methods, Same Great Service

Even though Hendersonville Muffler Company has been removing and replacing engines in cars and trucks steadily every since we came to Hendersonville, Tennessee. As cars and trucks changed the methods we used to remove and install the engines has changed. Hendersonville Muffler Company is an auto repair shop that has changed and grown as cars and trucks have changed. We still do all of our auto repairs the old fashioned way in the sense that our technicians repair cars one at a time and treat every customer with respect, but we now use the newest, latest tools available to the auto repair industry to repair the car.

We Put Engines In And Make It Look Like We Were Never There

Nobody likes going into the engine compartment of their car or truck and seeing all sorts of wires hanging all over the place and hoses and cables out of place. Hendersonville Muffler Company has always had the same philosophy when we change engines in vehicles. We want it to look like no one was ever in the engine compartment. We want it to look like the engine never had a problem and we were never there. All cables, fuel lines, air conditioner lines, wiring and cables will be back EXACTLY where they should be.

new cars commonly cost twenty thousand dollars or more to buy. new trucks are currently costing more than $50,000. If the engine in a car or truck goes bad our clients want the car or truck to be repaired correctly. Hendersonville Muffler Company clients want to end up with a repaired version of the same vehicle they bought and that is exactly what they get. We take pride in repairing cars and trucks correctly for the people of Hendersonville, Tennessee. We have been repairing cars and trucks here in Hendersonville for a long time. We have an A+ rating with BBB and we have maintained that rating. We have an excellent reputation among the other auto repair shops here in Hendersonville and with the people of Hendersonville, Old Hickory, Madison, Gallatin, Nashville, and Hendersonville. Hopefully your car or truck engine will give you problem free service for many years. If you find that you want or need to change the engine in your car or truck and you live in or around Hendersonville, Tennessee we believe there is no auto repair shop that will give you better service than Hendersonville Muffler Company.

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