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Middle Tennessee Terrain Is Rough On All Rear Ends

Hendersonville, Tennessee is very hard on wheel bearings and rear differentials. Our customers don't help their rear ends much. A lot of them like to go play in the dirt or at least play on some of the many dirt roads and gravel roads here in Hendersonville. The driveways and roads leading to your driveways can be pretty rough in this area. We have customers who cross creeks every day to get home and we find a lot of rear axle assemblies filled with water. All of this stuff is hard on universal joints and the rest of the drivetrain too so we wouldn't want the rear end feeling left out.

Limited Slip And Posi-Traction Conversions And Repairs In Hendersonville

I have been building and repairing rear differentials when I was a kid. I quickly developed a name for myself as someone who could be depended on to reliably build your differential. Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes has been converting one wheel drive systems to limited slip and Posi-Traction for many years. There are a lot of people here in the Hendersonville area that can bolt your new differential into your rear axle housing but very few can adjust the pinion depth and backlash so that the rear end will be quiet and reliable. Setting up your rear end is a bit of an art. You will need shims of different sizes and if you don't have shims in stock like we do plan on buying a lot of them before you figure out what you need. If you set the differential up correctly you can damage your new bearings in less than one block. At least half of the differentials set up by other shops or by the customer trying to do the job themselves come in making noise and have already destroyed the new bearings that the customer just paid for.

Building a rear differential unit isn't that hard but setting up the bearing preload, wear pattern and backlash correctly is a task best left to professionals. If you contact us before you begin the project we can help you decide what would be the best gear ratio for your differential. We can match your gear ratio to suit what you are going to do with the vehicle, what tire size you are going to use, how crazy you are, etc.

There is no substitute for experience.

We have plenty of experience with limited slip differentials, Posi-Track differentials, Locker units and more. Ask any parts store in Hendersonville, Tennessee where you should get your rear end set up at and the chances are good that they will recommend Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes. In fact Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes has been one of the most recommended repair shops in Hendersonville for many years. Come in and have your car or truck repaired here and you will soon see why.

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