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Cars and trucks are a lot more fun when they run well enough to ACTUALLY DRIVE them. Driveability is modern term used to describe when the vehicle doesn't drive correctly. Usually it means the car or truck is still driving but it is not running like it used to. The customer knows that something is wrong but doesn't know what it is and wants someone who will honestly and reliably fix it.

The technicians at Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes have been repairing driveability issues for many years. Our technicians have an excellent arsenal of tools and diagnostic equipment to get your vehicle driving as it should. We have scopes, scanners, 5 gas analyzers to detect engine and electronic issues. We have a large array of suspension tools to make sure that the suspension and steering systems on the vehicle perform as designed. When we do find issues with the vehicle we have one of the largest collections of hand tools in Hendersonville, Tennessee to repair them with.

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