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Assembled Drum brake componentsDrum brakes have been used in passenger cars and tucks since they were invented in 1902. Drum brakes have been around as long as cars and trucks have been around. We have had lots of experience repairing drum brakes so we will repair your drum brakes without making you have to break your piggy bank open. The one thing that has been consistent in drum brakes since they were invented is that every manufacturer has done it differently. Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes has been repairing disc brakes, drum brakes, anti-lock braking systems, master cylinders, Wheel cylinders, brake lines, brake proportioning valves, brake adjusters, and all of the other parts of the automotive and light truck braking for many years.

Drum brakes use pressure from the master cylinder to expand wheel cylinders inside of the brake drum. These expandable wheel cylinders push against 1/2 moon shaped brake shoes and drive them into the inside diameter of the brake drum. All of the systems work like this but that is where the similarities end. It seems that every car and truck manufacturer had a different idea about how to manufacture the drum braking system and how it should work. All of the systems use wheel cylinders to push brake shoes against the drums but the hardware they use is all different. Each of the manufacturers have several different systems for their own cars and all of the manufacturers use different systems.

Emergency Brakes Come In Handy For Tennessee Hills

Drum brake service requires experienced technicians who understand how these systems work and have the tools to properly repair them. One thing that almost all rear drum brake systems have in common is that they operate the parking brake/ emergency brake. Without your parking brake working correctly you are relying on a piece of metal, (the transmission park pawl pin) in the transmission that is the size of a pencil or smaller to hold your vehicle from rolling down the hill and running over whatever is in it's path!

We generally find that over 1/2 of the drum braking systems that come into our shop for service aren't assembled correctly or lubricated correctly for the automatic brake adjuster systems and emergency brakes to work correctly. You don't want someone using your car or truck as a training ground. We have years of experience, technicians that are ASE certified in brake repair and 3 automotive information systems, (Alldata, Identifix, and IATN) to properly repair your braking system.

We don't just work on cars and trucks in our shop here at Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes. We fix them. We have been an A+ rated shop with the Better Business Bureau for many years. We pride ourselves on having a reputation for great automotive repair service with our customers here in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Come in and have your car or truck repaired and find out what why we have been so successful for so long. We give great service at fair prices at Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes.

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