Heater Core Replacement

Heater Core And Evaporator Replacement In Hendersonville, Tennessee

Who Will You Trust To Remove Your Dashboard?

Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes replaces more heater cores and air conditioner evaporators than any shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee because hardly anyone with any sense wants to remove and reinstall the dashboard of a modern car. Dash removal is really not that hard if you do it a whole bunch of times. The problem lies in the fact that a lot of mechanics pull out one dashboard and they say, "That sucked! I don't ever want do that again". Fortunately we have replaced enough heater cores and air conditioner evaporators that we don't mind removing the dashboard of a car or truck.

The prices of most cars and trucks have gotten crazy. We have a lot of customers who have paid thirty to  forty thousand dollars for their car or truck and many who have more than that invested. new cars and trucks come with GPS units, fancy stereos, climate control systems, (some with different controls for driver and passenger), reverse gear camera systems, DVD players, etc. With all of these fancy components in the dashboard of your truck or car do you really want someone who fears this job taking out your dash board? Wouldn't you rather just bring your car or truck to an auto repair shop where we do this every day when the heater core gets old and starts leaking?

Just take a good look at your dashboard as you drive to the mechanic shop. Picture the horrible disfigurements which could occur. Picture all the squeaks and rattles that your dash could start making. Then do the smart thing. The right thing, and turn your vehicle towards Louise Avenue and bring it in to Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes. We will replace your heater core and put your car or truck back together correctly and it will look like we were never there. This is how we perform all of our auto repairs. We listen to the client. We verify the problem. We diagnose the problem and fix it. We send the customer out of the shop happy. It's an old fashioned philosophy but we repair our cars one at a time and treat each customer with respect.



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