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Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes loves high performance work. It usually starts out as someone coming in for either carburetor work or high performance exhaust work. The next thing you know they start talking about going faster, or raising the truck or car, (or lowering it). I have been around cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and jet skis all of my life. I love picking camshaft profiles, intake manifolds, exhaust systems and custom electronics with our customers. I love designing and implementing high performance engine and suspension strategies, breaking out my tools and creating something that is far cooler than what I started with.

I was with Der Klaus Haus Racing Team from the time I was 13 until I was almost 18. Klaus Bitterhauf, the man that initially trained me already had a 5 year winning streak as Florida SCCA GTU champion when I went to work for him. We took several stock 911 Porsche's and a few 356 Speedsters turned them into full blown race cars and kept his winning streak alive for another 4 years. We only repaired Porsches. Klaus taught me about camshafts. What lift and duration is and how it affects performance at different RPM ranges. I learned that bigger isn't always better as far as intake systems and exhaust systems. I learned that the size and scavenging techniques that you use depends on the needs of the customer and the application. We balanced and blueprinted engines and I learned the values of good balance in an engine. We started adding turbochargers to cars in the late 1970's. We made a lot of great drag car engines and road race engines but carbureted turbocharged engines had terrible tendencies on the street. We started taking Bosch fuel injection systems from Porsche and Mercedes and adding it to all kinds of cars along with turbochargers and superchargers. We could get reliable, streetable horsepower in the 600-800 HP range and we built some beasts along the way! We built some of the fastest cars race cars, street cars and boats, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for many years until Klaus retired. I spent one year on the Thunderbird Swap Shop Racing Team before attending college at Porsche.

When I got back from college I started working at a Porsche dealership and building high performance vehicles and vessels in my spare time at a small shop that I had with co-workers from the dealership. We built killer swamp buggies and a whole bunch of really cool boats and air boats. We spent a lot of time around dynomometers and I saw a lot of engines built by other shops blow up the first time that they hit the dyno.

What was better than the straight up beastly cars and trucks that we built were the ones where we showed more restraint and just made really great street cars. I really like building the, "sleepers". These are cars that don't look really fast but surprise the hell out of you when you want them too. We built VW Beetles with 420 HP! We had tons of turbocharged BMW's running through the streets and I have always maintained a love for Porsches. Hardly anyone knew about Audi's and we made a bunch of Audi's that were so fast people had no idea what it was that just passed them. When I was younger I would add Nitrous Oxide to damn near anything! I love high performance vehicles and Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes can do anything that you want from a little faster or just better sounding to a full blown monster or race car.

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