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Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes is DEFINITELY the best place in Hendersonville, Tennessee for module and ECM diagnosis and repair. Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes is the only automotive repair shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee that actively advertises the repair of automotive electrical problems. That is because we are the only shop that really wants these jobs. Most shops hate automotive electrical diagnosis. I love it. I have all of these really cool tools and diagnostic equipment and I love finding the reason that stuff doesn't work. As cars and trucks become more complex I find that customers don't mess with them as much any more and I really like that also. A lot of our customers do take the advice of the pimple faced kids at the auto parts store and install a part based solely on a code or something that they read on the internet. When it works they get that same great feeling that I get when I repair the car and they understand better why I do what I do. When it doesn't work they realize that they could have taken this money and put it towards their repairs. Whenever possible I try to repair the customer's car with them standing right there so that they can see what I am doing. I like this because people work really hard for their money. I like to show them that I am working really hard for them also.

I think the reason that I love these automotive electrical repairs so much is that these problems seemed like the end of the road when I was young. I had cars that had small problems and the man that trained me would leave me alone and let me try for days, (and sometimes weeks) and encourage me, and heckle me, and tease me, until I finally gave up and asked him to help me.

Klaus Bitterhauf, (the man that I did my apprenticeship with) was a brilliant technician. He made automotive repairs look really easy. He could diagnose and repair any car or truck that ever rolled into our shop and make it look easy. I wanted so badly to be able to do what he did. A lot of the work that we did came from other shops in town. Mechanics would come to us and tell us that they had tried everything that they knew to repair these cars and Klaus would instruct me how to test and explain to me why we were doing these tests and we would fix them. I remember the first car with a crazy electrical problem that I repaired myself. It was a Saab 900, (that's not a misprint. Saab had 900's long before they had 9000's) that would not start unless you sprayed starting fluid in it but would run well once warm. The mechanics had replaced the temperature sensor. They had replaced the cold start injector, (cars used to have those). They had replaced the computer and checked all of the power wires and ground wires. I traced down a wire that had been crushed and was giving a bad connection. I found the problem in less than 10 minutes with and repaired it with less than $1.00 in parts. I was on top of the world. The mechanics dropped the car off at 1:00 at we called him and told him that it was done at 1:30. Klaus charged them $100.00 and the mechanic was glad to pay it because he had purchased a $1,200 computer for the car and didn't want to face his customer with a car with the same problem. Klaus told me that we would have charged the customer $40.00 but because he knew that the mechanic was not going to be honest with the customer and was going to charge the customer $1,500 for a $40.00 problem that he charged the dishonest mechanic $100. He told the mechanic that also and said that it was wrong to charge the customer for a computer that they didn't need.

Klaus taught me that you had to be honest. That this was an honest business that had help him raise a family. That being an automotive technician was something to be proud of. These lessons stuck with me. I am a proud automotive technician who loves what I do. I still get a thrill out of repairing the cars. These days cars and trucks are full of module and computers. Most all of the fuse boxes in cars and trucks are really computers.

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