Mufflers And Exhaust System Repairs

Mufflers And Exhaust System Repairs In Hendersonville, Tennessee


Repairs For Clogged And Leaking Exhaust Systems And Mufflers

The exhaust system on a car is designed tol remove the heat from an automotive engine. Even drag race engines have exhaust systems. Believe me drag racers don't put anything on the car that they don't need. Exhaust systems remove the heat from the engine and send ot to an area of low pressure, (the low pressure area is the outside atmosphere which is waiting at the end of the tailpipe). Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes repairs exhaust systems in cars and trucks in the Hendersonville Tennessee area because after all our name is, "Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes". It should come as no surprise that we repair and replace mufflers too!

The exhaust system has been in all cars and trucks since their invention. In Modern cars the exhaust system has been given a few new jobs. The exhaust system now contains a catalytic converter and two oxygen sensors per exhaust bank. The catalytic converter

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