Timing Belt And Timing Chain Replacement

Timing Belt And Timing Chain Replacement in Hendersonville, TN

Car and truck alternatorWe have been replacing timing chains and timing belts since we started and we have seen the evolution of much more complex systems. Early cars could break a timing chain and all they did was stop running. Most cars had two valves and no matter what happend to the timing chain the valves could not hit the pistons. Most new cars have four valves per cylinder and if something happens to the timing chain the valves WILL get slammed by the piston and engine damage WILL occur. The modern engine of today requires a skilled technician to repair the timing gear systems or MAJOR engine damage can occur. Modern cars and trucks use more sophisticated valve train systems than they did in the old days but the timing chain job is still very important.

Ford 302 Timing ChainMany cars and trucks are now equipped with variable valve timing, systems. This means the camshaft timing changes with engine load and engine rpm and is controlled by the PCM. Timing belt repairs, and timing chain repairs are critical, precision jobs. When properly installed these systems give the car the smooth idle and low speed running of a mild camshaft and the higher horsepower of a more radically ground camshaft. This allows you to get good gas mileage and still be able to climb The hills in Hendersonville, Tennessee. This technology also allows diesel trucks to pull stumps out of the ground and then not smoke on the highway.

We have the equipment and the training needed to do this critical engine work correctly. Don’t trust amateurs with this job. Trust this and all of your Sumner County auto repairs to Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes. Your choice for Hendersonville auto repairs.

Proper training and tooling make us the most qualified shop in Hendersonville for your timing chain or belt replacement.

We have the diagnostic equipment and experience to tell you if you really need the timing chain or belt replaced or if the PCM is adjusting it incorrectly.

For major repairs on the engine’s valve system you want the most qualified technicians in Hendersonville repairing you vehicle

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