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High Quality Auto Repairs In Hendersonville Tennessee!

 We commonly repair pickup trucks like this 1939 Ford Step-Side truck   Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes is a fun, vibrant automotive repair facility that can do ANTYHING auto repair related to your car or truck in Hendersonville, Tennessee. We can restore your entire vehicle, (we regularly restore cars and trucks for our customers here in Hendersonville). We can modify your vehicle for whatever application that you might need or want. We provide quick automotive services like oil changes, bulbs, brakes and belts and we treat these jobs like quick auto repair jobs by getting them done very quickly and for a reasonable price.

    Besides light and quick auto maintenance we provide normal automotive maintenance services that take a little more time such as tune-ups, water pumps, radiators, differential repairs and rebuilds, taking care of leaking fluids, repairing evaporative emissions leaks, repairing automotive electrical problems and other light automotive maintenance.  We also have automotive repairs for things that we consider to be extended mileage automotive maintenance repairs such as  replacing timing chains, replacing timing belts, repairing and rebuilding carburetors, replacing cracked fuel and vacuum lines .

     We are also there for you when you need high mileage auto repairs such as valve jobs, engine rebuilds, engine replacements, transmission replacements, clutches and transfer case replacements. We also remove engines, transmissions and differentials to facilitate automotive painting and automotive restoration services.

High Performance Automotive Repairs In Hendersonville, Tennessee

    As you can clearly see Hendersonville Muffler and Brakes does a lot more than repairing exhaust systems and replacing mufflers. To be truthful the only reason that we have our name is that we were not able to find custom exhaust systems that matched our needs or our automotive repair clients' needs. We weren't able to purchase custom exhaust systems that actually fit without spending a fortune, (and even many of the really expensive exhaust systems didn't really fit that well) so we decided to purchase the necessary equipment and build our own. This allowed us to COMPLETELY control our high performance automotive repairs. We are able to design exhaust systems for customers who wanted to put a turbocharger on a Jeep
Cherokee when turbocharger kits either weren't available or weren't of good quality. We were able to design exhaust systems to work with our Air-Lift customers, (We are an authorized Air-Lift installer). We experienced problems that the exhaust systems either hit when the car or truck was lowered or when it was raised. Clearly we needed to be able to design our own exhaust systems in order to complete our high performance exhaust repairs into reliable drivable vehicles.

Custom Engines Electrical And Options

Chevrolet corvette engines are popular for high performance applications  We offer our customers the ability to install motors into vehicles that normally don't come in those vehicles. The Chevrolet Corvette engine such as the one shown here is an example of an engine that has been used in high performance applications for many years. Finding an exhaust system that fits this engine when it's installed in a Datsun 280Z or a 1962 Chevrolet pickup truck is just not going to happen! For custom engine installations we simply have to configure and install much of the equipment that is used. We can work with companies like Painless Wiring to configure a wiring harness to adapt the FUEL INJECTION and custom engine controls but these harnesses hardly ever contain what we need to FINISH the installation and turn the project into a running, driving vehicle. Many customers looking to replace their drum brakes with disc brake systems require custom installations as well.

  Customers who want custom vehicles built for them commonly want the same accessories in their custom vehicles that they have in their every day driving vehicles such as power windows, power steering, air conditioning, full entertainment systems, Air bag suspensions by Air-Lift suspension systems, four wheel disc brakes and we are able to supply them with excellent solutions.


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